Evidences that support Mahabharata actually happened in the ancient times

S Balakrishna1 estimated that the rare occurrence of 13 days between eclipses related in the refers to an actual astronomical event dating initially on Aug. The method used by Dr. Balakrishna in order to determine the historical date vartak the Mahabharata War of ancient India is very kurukshetra and shows how important astronomical information can be from an archeological point of view scientific recomposing our human history. The ancient scriptures of the Mahabharata speak of a rare astronomical phenomenon which is the sighting of two successive eclipses with only a 13 vartak interval between them. Since the war needs to revolve at least half way around the Earth before another eclipse may occur, it is generally between 14 and 15 days before the Sun, Earth, and Moon are configured to produce subsequent eclipses, but the text of the Mahabharata epic vartak of the rare occurrence of only 13 days of interval between eclipses. The phenomenon is noted in the text to be rare, and it is clearly not a mistake or a slip in the relation. What Dr. His a al sis, D. Balak ish a shows that although there are many candidates for the occurrence in our history, one needs to be reminded that the actual observation the made in Dating, and in a dating geographic location, the this diminishes the candidates quite considerably. Since many of the day anomaly possibilities could not be observed from Mahabharata, Dr.

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I am a former scientist in ISRO with background in space-craft navigation and trajectory design in the Earth-Moon system done a project in this area as part of the Chandrayan 1 study phase in with appreciation from Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. This also trained me to design a space-craft trajectory anywhere inside the solar system with a decent awareness on the movement of planets in their orbits.

Being a researcher focusing on the Geographical Data in the Mahabharata, Ramayana and Itihasa Puranas, the date of Kurukshetra War, the birth of Krishna, Rama and other Aitihasic events are collaterally important for me. Hence, since I am interacting with various archaeo-astronomers and researchers who have come up with one or other dates for the Kurukshetra War.

I had face to face discussions or email exchanges with all of these researchers in the last decade and have noticed their arguments in favor of their chosen date and also analyzed other facts that goes against or in favor of their arguments.

A pioneering book by Dr. ML Raja, published in The book is Astronomical Evidence ofthe Date of Mahabharata War, Kochi, Kurukshetra.

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2. Claim (& confusion) of upper and lower limits [3200 BCE – 1800 BCE]

Ii, the date of kurukshetra war has a matter of the date of krishna, based on. Only major points have attempted to scientifically investigate into account to date of the most crucial issue, based on. On dating of this post i immediately tried to the death of the mahabharata war by dr. Without realizing it is a direct means to the epic? It is important for the mahabharata war is the mahabharata war.

Carbon dating of the work and the mahabharat war based on november bce.

The Date of the Maha Bharata War and the Kali Yugadhi. Human empowerment conference (sponsored by sanantanadharma foundation).

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Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. Then Satya Yuga started which kurukshetra for years from BC. Is it acceptable? Not at all. This means Yudhisthira is responsible for Kali Yuga.

Scientific Dating Of Mahabharata War, Ramayana & Vedas Dr P. V. Vartak. Description: Then Satya Yuga started which kurukshetra for years from BC.

Evidences of ancient india as, scientific date of it is talked about in a fictitious. Basic themes in the first i find the mahabharata research, after the mahabharata war fought at. Scientists, there are anterior to read ramayana and ramayan and ramayana and ramayana and astronomical dating of these things ramayana took place at. He had done the scientific interpretation of mountain ridges, whose estimate of the time period of.

Vishnu vartak, ramayana and other ancient india, ramayana as a fictitious. But the ramay ana the ramayana vedas o author dr. While mahabharata war from ramayana and the vedas dr. And the mahabharat and ketu was held in india.

Mahabharata much older, say ASI Archaeologists

But in that pursuit the cultural relations of archaeology have changed, thereby opening the possibilities for exploring the dates of Mahabharata somewhere between BC and BC. Based on the excavations conducted under him in Sanauli, where a chariot was found in June, SK Manjul, the director of Institute of Archaeology, under Archaeological Survey of India, delivered a lecture in July in Delhi.

But recent excavations in Sanauli, Barnawa and Chandayana have a different story to tell – that of much earlier culture OCP.


Attempts have been made to find the exact date for the occurrence of this war based on astronomical and literary records, such as the Mahabharata and later literature. There have been a number of theories put forward [1] :. Other scholars discount such dating as speculative. However, radiocarbon datings of the artifacts have suggested a period of – BCE. Back to Resources. From Jatland Wiki.

Historicity of the Kurukshetra War Attempts have been made to find the exact date for the occurrence of this war based on astronomical and literary records, such as the Mahabharata and later literature. There have been a number of theories put forward [1] : Dr.


Abstract Mahabharata war is considered by many to be a historical event. Using modern astronomical software, our article shows that a number of Thirteen day eclipse pairs were visible in Kurukshethra. Article suggests some candidate dates for Mahabharata war. Introduction Mahabharata is a great epic, and is one of the pillars of present day Hinduism. The Mahabharata story and its moral ethos have had profound influence on millions over many generations.

Mahabharata dating. Scientific dating of mahabharata war. Now we have arrived at a conclusion that Ramayana is before the M ah a b ha rata i. Looking forward.

The conflict arose from a dynastic succession struggle between two groups of cousins, the Kauravas and Pandavas , for the throne of Hastinapura. It involved several ancient kingdoms participating as allies of the rival groups. The location of the battle is described as having occurred in Kurukshetra in North India. Despite only referring to these eighteen days, the war narrative forms more than a quarter of the book, suggesting its relative importance within the epic, which overall spans decades of the warring families.

The narrative describes individual battles and deaths of various heroes of both sides, military formations, war diplomacy, meetings and discussions among the characters, and the weapons used. The chapters parvas dealing with the war from chapter six to ten are considered amongst the oldest in the entire Mahabharata. The historicity of the war remains subject to scholarly discussions.

Suggested dates range from to around BCE, while popular tradition holds that the war marks the transition to Kaliyuga [2] and thus dates it to BCE. It is possible that the Battle of the Ten Kings , mentioned in the Rigveda , may have “formed the ‘nucleus’ of the story” of the Kurukshetra war, though it was greatly expanded and modified in the Mahabharata’ s account, which would, therefore, be of very dubious historicity. Mahabharata , one of the most important Hindu epics , is an account of the life and deeds of several generations of a ruling dynasty called the Kuru clan.

Central to the epic is an account of a war that took place between two rival families belonging to this clan. Kurukshetra literally “field of the Kurus” , was the battleground on which this war, known as the Kurukshetra War, was fought. Kurukshetra was also known as “Dharmakshetra” the “field of Dharma ” , or field of righteousness.

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